Expected Results


Taking your current services and situations into consideration, we strive for a smooth and seamless joining of our services with your needs.  Every member of our staff has been through the best training available and we continue to keep up with the new methods, rule, and laws all in an effort to provide the best possible service to you.  We provide the staff, the necessary equipment, and the tracking software in order to give you a full range of services.  A few minutes of your time talking with us about the services we provide will show you just how a partnership with PSI can enhance public safety, provide revenue solutions for a strained county budget, and deliver impartial justice.  Here’s the RESULTS you can expect from PSI:

  • Enhanced Public Safety – We understand the strain on local police and sheriff’s offices to keep up with every offender.  We know the frustration of tracking offenders from one county to the next.  And we’re equally troubled by the lack of existing programs to prevent offenders from slipping back into their old habits.  That’s why PSI evolved into what it is today—a complete probation agency.  We’ve established effective rehabilitative and educational programs designed to reorient offenders to society and give them the tools to accomplish this.
  • Revenue Solutions – Most private probation companies offer return revenue by collecting court costs.  PSI has taken that benefit on step further.  We actually give back to the community through our partnership with you.  This is in addition to what PSI will generate for your community by helping locate offenders with outstanding court costs.  WE donate a portion of revenue back to the community to help fund various programs and projects.  Some examples of recipient agencies could include D.A.R.E. programs, electronic monitoring, or law enforcement agencies.  A community may also want to establish a victim’s compensation fund with revenues donated.
  • Impartial Justice – Utilizing our various offices and resources, PSI is able to identify offenders within and across counties.  But we believe in the redeeming power of education, rehabilitation, and accountability, offering these as part of our core services.  We believe in seeing justice done and offer to you every resource at our disposal to make that happen.  We believe it is the role of the probation office to provide the best environment, tools and resources to offenders to ensure the highest possibility of success.  If those efforts fail and the courts’ conditions are not being met, it is imperative that the offender be brought back to the court’s attention.  We promise to do this impartially and without favoritism.