Drug Assessment

Overview: This class is used to determine the severity of substance abuse and recommends a course of support and/or treatment.

Appropriate Offender: Any crime with substance abuse contributing

DurationOne Hour


Drug Education Program (DEP)

Overview: This series of classes focus on the dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, utilizing a variety of presentation mediums with both group and self interactions.  Courses are modified to be regionally relevant and to assist both alcoholic and non-alcoholic DUI offenders.  Clients who attend the DEP to satisfy their DUI School requirement will receive an assessment before receiving a certificate.

Appropriate Offender: First Time Drug Offenders, Simple Possession, Paraphernalia

Duration: One Day, Twelve Hours



Relapse Prevention – Staying Quit (MRT)

Overview: This MRT based program is designed to increase the offender’s moral reasoning and focus on more than just themselves.  Clients are also taught practical and personalized strategies for avoiding relapse.

Appropriate Offender: Those who have failed drug screenings while under supervision, been convicted of substance abuse related charges, or suffer from chronic substance abuse

Duration: Eight to Twelve week