Anger Management

Overview: This MRT based course is designed to give offenders tools to better understand and deal with their emotions.

Appropriate Offender: Assault (Non-Domestic)

Duration: Eight Weeks


Domestic Violence

Overview: This course emphasizes how to effectively deal with emotions in relationships and provides the tools necessary to maintain positive emotions.

Appropriate Offender: Domestic Abuse/Assault

Duration: Twelve to 26 weeks


Theft Intervention (MRT)

Overview: This teaches basic money management skills and raises awareness of the impact of theft and fraud on the community.  Clients are required to confront faulty thinking, create a personal budget and are exposed to the social consequences of financial crimes.  Courses can also include job readiness skills where clients are taught how to apply for a job, what employers expect, and resume preparation.  This program is particularly effective with first time offenders.

Appropriate Offender: Shoplifting, Worthless Check Writing

Duration: One Day, Four to Eight Weeks