Driver Improvement Program

Overview: This course is designed for offenders who need to improve their understanding of driving.  Participants also learn risk management and collision avoidance skills.  This AAA Driver Improvement Program also addresses the needs of drivers ages 55 and older.  The program is designed to improve everyday driving skills and knowledge as it relates to the effects of aging.  This course is recognized in Tennessee for insurance premium reductions and/or violator point reductions.

Appropriate Offender: Reckless Driving, Speeding, Any Driving Offense

Duration: One Day, Four to Eight Hours


DUI School

Overview: This class provides offenders with the risks of their behavior and teaches how to avoid further DUI charges.  It utilizes state licensed DUI school curriculum which covers the following topics:

  • Overview of DUI problems in Tennessee
  • Tennessee DUI laws
  • BAC
  • Physiological aspects of alcohol and other drug use

At the conclusion of this course, clients receive an assessment before receiving a certificate.

Appropriate Offender: DUI/Reckless Driving

Duration: One Day, Twelve Hours


Rules of the Road

Overview: This class focuses on the dangers of excessive speed and negligence while driving, road rage, and aggressive driving.  It also introduces Tennessee driving laws and saftey techniques so that clients may be successful on their drivers license examinations.

Appropriate Offender: Non-alcohol Related, No Drivers License, Reckless Driving, and/or Speeding

Duration: One Day, Four Hours